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Smingus - Black Diamonds LP

75.00 zł

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Black Diamonds is Smingus' second full length album for Loose Wire. The multi-layered and expansive tracks on Black Diamonds are intended to work as an uninterrupted emotional and sonic journey ideally consumed in one sitting.

Album Credits

Dave Molus: Vocal, guitar 
Tomasz Zapała: Lead guitars 
Thymn Chase: Backing vocals, keyboards 
Jarek Wyka: Drums and percussion 
Kris Bodzon: Bass

All songs written and performed by Smingus 
Additional synths and programming by Mateusz Majewski on Candidate and Know it All

All Tracks Recorded in Wolimierz, Poland at Saraswati Studios in March 2013 on vintage gear, analog instruments including a baroque organ which became the sonic centerpiece for much of the album. 
Engineering & Mixing: Ranjit Prasad & Janek Busse

Additional Tracking & Overdubbing 
At Nieustraszeni Łowcy Dźwięków Music Studio and Lubel Studio Summer 2013 
Engineering & Mixing: Darek Grela & Jarek Wyka

All Final Mixing, Production and Mastering done in London 
At Concrete Cut Studios by Mateusz Majewski